Once upon a time…

… there is a magical world, in which nature’s elements blend so lightly, a magical world that becomes fairytale and poetry in the
hands of a photographer: Ruud Peters. This is the story of magical woods and charmed plains, where light and shade play together
with such elegance and gentleness that the result is colors with life of their own.

Who is Ruud Peters? He is a Dutch photographer specialized in nature photography, landscapes and macro photography.
His start in photography was given by a black and white image that he saw in a French magazine: it was shot from a corner
window over viewing a street crossing in the centre of Paris on a rainy fall day with only an elegant young lady with umbrella
crossing the street – there was a huge atmosphere in that image that’s still very alive in his imagination and is an inspiration until
today. Among his favorites photographers I can mention names like Ansel Adams and Martin Kers - a Dutch landscape
photographer specialized in minimalist landscape compositions.

Because his favorite subject is nature, Ruud Peters finds in advance the places he wants to shoot, he expects the right season,
even the right day, and then he prepares for this like any other photographer. He sometimes shoots landscapes, sometimes
different details from the nature that capture his attention. The total absence of people in nature representation may be the reason
why his images have an atmosphere so calm, a peaceful silence, like a ripped page from a children story book.

Exposing with grace the beauties of Lower Lands – the tower mills or the tulip fields – is one of the common subjects of Ruud
Peter’s photography. At the same time all these remind me of famous paintings of the painters that stand at the base of
impressionism (Monet – „Tulips in Holland”, Van Gogh – „Old mill”, Jacob van Ruisdael – „Tower Mill”) or even the famous
„The Mill” of Rembrandt. I honestly can say that Ruud Peters’s work is a photographic alternative of impressionistic paintings.

Inspiration is the base in photography, and inspiration can come from an idea or a small detail, and so appears opportunity. Ruud
Peters exploits the solutions and makes them reality, finding in almost everything opportunity for creativity. Art means vision
(talent and its interpretation) not just execution!
The photographer uses post-processing techniques as little as possible and as much as needed, but he never reveals his little
secrets. Looking at his pictures with a critical eye we can see the landscapes in terms of technique and composition, but as
common people what appears in front of our eyes are colors, beautiful colors, so strong by their own and so strong together, that
they give the photos a magical air - we can almost see the shape of every element of the picture. Ruud Peters is a part of these
landscapes; he feels the moment and extracts from it the right things that really matter.

The equipment we would find in his camera bag is: Canon 20D; Canon 40D; Canon 17-85 EFS; Canon 50mm 1.4;
Sigma 10-20EX; Sigma 150mm EX 2.8 macro; Sigma 100-300 f4 EX; Lensbaby 3G; Metz 58 AF-1; Metz 45 ct-1;
Metz 32 CT-3; Gitzo GT2330 met Manfrotto 141RC.

Visual documents – Ruud Peters’s photography (www.ruudpeters.com) – are proof of his absolute maturity in photography.
What should we learn from his photos? We are surrounded by beautiful subjects, but we sometimes forget that the eye is more
important than equipment.

In the end we could blend together 2 famous quotations: „Landscape photography is the supreme test for a photographer and
quite often the supreme disappointment” (Ansel Adams) and „Photography is like a diamond” (Dinu Lazar).
The end: Ruud Peters’s photography is a diamond that passed the quality test, and all of us, the watchers, are the privileged and
the honoured ones.